The HUB is a discipleship (mentorship) group and leadership development program for men of all ages. We believe that true leadership ability comes from strong character, and that leaders with integrity are made, not born. We want men to reach their full potential as leaders in their homes, jobs, and community, and to realize that the stereotypical picture of a “real” man that society values is lacking in substance. 

Therefore it is our goal to provide a safe environment for brotherly fellowship with an authentic atmosphere of transparency. We are real men, with life issues and struggles that we can all identify with, and the HUB will be a place where we gather in unity to explore the biblical perspective on all of these key social and cultural issues. 

Adult Mentorship

Our life-changing adult mentoring program is designed for those who are facing a transition from prison (structured community) back into our city neighborhoods (unstructured community).

The WeighOut adult mentors are an amazing group of men and women, many of whom have lived through periods of incarceration, and overcome all of the challenges that come with that transition back into society. Their varied life experiences provide a solid platform from which to minister to others who are facing the same hurdles for the first time.

The essential role of our mentors is that of a friend. They will not only be there to provide emotional support, wise counsel, and accountability, but will also assist with some of the practical hurdles, such as budgeting and goal setting. Our adult mentoring program takes two forms: one-on-one mentoring and group mentoring.

Youth Mentorship

This is a school-based mentoring program for Middle School Youth that would benefit from a highly structured environment, educational tutoring, and character development.
In order to qualify for this mentoring program a student must have a high number of disciplinary referrals, unexcused absences, or time spent in restorative justice circles.  
We want to help the student improve their performance educationally and develop a strength of character that would reduce their need for disciplinary action.The program structure will be weekly group sessions for the duration of the school year. Meetings are held in the school setting, and are scheduled either immediately after or before school, or during nonacademic time throughout the course of the school day.

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