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“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”

Benjamin Franklin

What makes an All-Star an All-Star?

An All-Star embraces all challenges and is considered to be an outstanding performer and/or participant. We believe everyone has the potential of being a community All-Star. WeighOut Ministries is helping students improve their performance academically and develop character strength that would produce all-star community citizens. Our Community All-Star incentivized program structure will motivate, inspire, and challenge every student to perform at an all-star level, and reach their full potential in every aspect of life. 

How do we motivate and Inspire?


Students are responsible for their own advancement. They are held accountable to contracts and given the resources needed to perform & participate at an All- Star level.


Students will develop the confidence, knowledge, skills and ability to develop their own personal plan for success, improving overall productivity, self-esteem and pride.


Students will discover who they are as an individual and learn how to navigate through social & emotional barriers that are hindering growth and success.


Students are acknowledged for every accomplishment and advancement. We want students to believe that “Hard Work Pays Off” therefore we use rewards to motivate performance.



Our point system is designed to place the responsibility of advancement in the hands of each All- Star. All-Stars will take ownership of their progress and advancement. How do we track All-Star points?

WeighOut Ministries uses the LiveSchool app. to track, reward, and improve student behavior. This app will inspire parent communication, more motivated students, and more student success.


The tier was created to inspire growth and progression in their academics, behavior, and desire for community engagement. Tier’s are designed to challenge all-stars to exceed limitations and increase their level of participation and performance in all aspects of life. Rewards are based upon all-star performance and participation.

The Reward Tiers


All-Star Bronze

Reward for attaining Bronze:

  • Quarterly Pizza/Lunch party.
  • $20 gift card per semester.


All-Star Silver

Reward for attaining Silver:

  • Bronze Pizza/Lunch party.
  • Local day trip/event.
  • $50 gift card per semester.


All-Star Gold

Reward for attaining Gold:

  • Bronze Pizza/Lunch party.
  • Silver local day trip/event.
  • $100 gift card per semester.
  • Qualify for a year end local overnight trip.


All-Star MVP

Reward for attaining MVP:

  • Bronze pizza party/lunch.
  • Silver local day trip/event.
  • $150 gift card per semester.
  • 8th grade will qualify for year end 4 day trip, 6th and 7th qualify for a local overnight trip.

WeighOut offers a variety of ways to support each participant


WeighOut Ministries has partnered with Building Champions, Charmis and Janice Lee to to provide our students with an opportunity to develop the confidence, knowledge, skills and ability to develop their own personal plan for success, improving overall productivity, self-esteem and pride. Students will demonstrate the proper framework for decision making, set ambitious yet achievable goals in their classroom, personal lives, at home and within the community.


All-Stars will learn stress reduction and de-escalation skills as well as learn how to feel and cope better without hurting themselves or others. WeighOut ministries will assist in providing all-stars with the tools needed to reduce stress, identify and acknowledge the causes that lead to stress, and learn to express feelings that build up and results in emotional breakdowns. WeighOut teaches all-stars the skills and practices that cultivate healing and clear away any distractions for better learning and healthy relationships.


Life skills are the competencies we all need to succeed in life. Without them, young people are dramatically more susceptible to bullying, violence, substance abuse, dropping out of school, financial problems, and unemployment. We strive to redirect our youth so that they become positive contributing community members who value themselves and others. Learning life skills helps our children create a better future.Our All-Stars will begin learning the three fundamental skills — Communication, Decision Making, and Goal Setting.


The All-Star Lunch Bunch is a lunchtime program that offers students a safe and supportive environment where a culture of inclusion and respect is established and maintained to promote cultural awareness. We use this space to build healthy relationships with our allstars and cultivate an atmosphere where they can feel safe from bullying, social pressure, judgment, and possible intimidation. The Lunch Bunch allows us to do personal check-ins with all-stars to go over points, goals, issues, or to encourage and acknowledge progress.Through the safety of this space, we believe All-Stars will grow in trust, confidence, self-awareness, conflict resolution, character development, and experience emotional growth.


The All-Star Homework Club is a place where all-stars can complete their homework in a supportive environment outside the classroom and away from any distractions at home. Research has found that positive, supported homework environments not only enhance academic performance but also more effort in students’ homework is associated with more positive development in conscientiousness. If students begin to enjoy their homework, they will want to do their best and become the all-star students we believe them to be. WeighOut ministries provide this type of environment to our community All-Stars including support from volunteer tutors.


WeighOut ministries has partnered with Peak City Athletics to provide an all-star youth basketball academy. The academy focuses on developing strong characteristics in the lives of young athletes. Basketball challenges the youth in the areas of time management, goal setting, and persistence. Our goal aims to instill within these young athletes, the invaluable skills needed to perform at an All-Star level on and off the court. We believe character is everything.

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