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A vibrant community that’s thriving because everyone is valued, faith is exemplified and resources are made available to be successful.


WeighOut Ministries empowers youth and engages the community to build relationships between families, schools, businesses, churches, government, and community stakeholders.

Personal Development

WeighOut Ministries emphasizes the development of the whole person. Whole Person Development is a multi-faceted approach to growth and improvement and is the key to success in our relationships, careers, and personal lives. The six categories of Whole Person Development that WeighOut Ministries addresses include:

Emotional Development

Physical Development

Spiritual Development

Social Development

Psychological Development

Professional Development

We build lasting relationships between churches, families, business owners, school leaders, government officials, and other community stakeholders.

We believe and see through our initiatives that we are “better together!”

With that, we have built and continue to develop partnerships within the Colorado Springs area. We offer businesses, churches, and city officials the opportunity to get involved in transforming our community.

Chauncey LaBrie

Co-Founder CEO

Jennifer LaBrie

Co-Founder COO

A letter from our founders

A letter from Chauncey and Jennifer LaBrie

“We are Chauncey and Jen LaBrie, and we want to change our community through building lasting relationships among its stakeholders. The truth is, that WeighOut ministries was a dream of ours long before it became a reality. As children, we each had our own experiences with poverty and broken homes, and we saw firsthand how great the need was in low income areas. Especially among the youth.

We saw how the tiniest decisions made by young people in these environments oftentimes sets their lives on a track that leads to prison or even death. Decisions made without weighing the consequences of their actions. That’s where we got the name – WeighOut Ministries. A community support network built of lasting relationships between its stakeholders, with the goal of standing alongside our youth as they face those crucial life decisions. To help them weigh the decision against the consequence, and to provide a way out where there hasn’t been one before. When we married and settled in southeastern Colorado Springs, we took the first steps towards making our dream a reality. The journey has been equal parts exhilarating and nerve-wracking. Several years down the road now, we can say with excitement that WeighOut Ministries is alive and growing rapidly.

We’ve partnered with schools, churches, and businesses. We’ve established mentoring programs for our youth. Support from local churches and businesses is pouring in. However the thing we’re most excited about is the real, observable transformation taking place in the lives of the young people in our community. It’s amazing! Please, if Colorado Springs is your home as well, then we want to challenge you to become an agent of change yourself. Reach out and contact us about an opportunity that would best suit you, and let’s change our community from the inside out!”

– Chauncey and Jen LaBrie

2052 Jet Wing Dr.
Colorado Springs CO 80916

1 (719) 344-9015

EIN 81-3510544